The “Pine Rapids” Novel Trilogy 

This murder-lite mystery series is funny and frenetic, with frequent deep dives to darker realms. Lightly seasoned with classic poetry pop-ups. Artfully illustrated.

“As good a debut as any I have seen…a delightful heroine…fascinating local folks,a touch of magic and a family mystery” — The Globe and Mail



Millar has edited books and journals in-house and freelance for many years. View her best “babies” here.

The Rules of Partial Existence The place: the tiny kingdom of Nepal with its capital, Kathmandu. The time: post-hippie, pre-digital 1980s. In this collection of eight stories, a commonwealth of strangers seek ideas and identity, sex and spirituality, power and poverty in a mystical land famous for extremes.

“The stories charm and enchant” — Canadian Book Review Annual; “…elegantly constructed visions of another world” — Calgary Herald

Do Not Erase Still in development, this novel highlights The Project, a secretive post-war-era nuclear initiative in Ontario’s mid-north. Immerse yourself in the history of Canadian atomic discovery, political intrigue, lovers and spies. (Publication circa 2022)