Light Mystery And Humour

The “Pine Rapids” Novel Trilogy

This murder-lite mystery series is funny and frenetic, with recurring deep dives to darker realms. The whole is lightly seasoned with pop-ups of classic poetry.

Book One – Grave Concern

(General Store, 2012)

Follow almost middle-aged Kate Smithers from her cold prairie city back to Pine Rapids, her hometown in the forests of Ontario’s mid-north. Watch her open a grave-tending business, a bad old can of worms, and (possibly) the metaphorical Grave itself—in the form of her ex-teen lover’s ghost. A little murder. A little mayhem. A little magic. And a great gaping hole of a mystery, concerning Kate herself!

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Book Two – Riotous Assembly

(Burnstown, 2019)

Local labour leader, Ford Wainwright, found dead-on-ice—on Valentine’s Day, no less! Kate’s bestie Dr. Mary O’Beirne gone barmy. Threatening notes on the family grave. Live-in lover Leonard acting strangely. Stranger doings down at the hospital. Riots up at the mill. Teenage hearthrob J.P.’s nasty brother back from Downunder. Pet raven Raw-Raw not herself. What the hell is going on? On the verge of the Dreaded Five-O, beset by a host of embarrassing ailments, Kate not so much steers an investigation as knocks about in a fog of speculation as to Wainwright’s demise.

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Book Three – Hamlet of Pine Rapids 

(in development)

Downgraded by provincial decree from “Town” to “Hamlet,” Pine Rapids looks on course to breathe its last. Can it be revived? A secret local initiative, known only as The Project, needs full buy-in from townsfolk in order to work. Will they put animosities behind them and pull together to re-animate the place? How much do Rapidsians (especially young Ed) care, really, about their collective ancestral ghosts?